‘Kutie Alexis’ a Snoopy daughter, is absolutely adorable. Lexi has brought so much joy to our family, giving love and laughs to three generations. And no allergic reactions for my sister. She is ninja and cuddly in perfect proportions.
Thanks Ros for a wonderful kitty. Lisa in St Kilda Vic.

‘Kutie Maggie Mae’ Rosie’s sister who was also very shy, but going well and enjoying her visual entertainment with Tess in Travancore Vic

  'Kutie Rosie O Grady' Being very timid at first, Rosie took a couple of weeks to find a friendly lap with Kelly in Adamstown Heights NSW
'Kutie Evan Almighty' is settling in very well. I usually get an allergic reaction when there is a cat in the house, but with Evan, I spent the whole night with him in the room and I       was fine! He’s a pleasure and he’s already opening up to us, rubbing his cheek against us when we are in the room with him. Thank you so much. If you happen to breed seal or chocolate next time, can you let me know? Erin in Calumvale Q.

‘Kutie BeeGees’ Just checking in to let you know that kitten is doing brilliantly. He’s an absolute character and we all love him so much! We can’t thank you enough. Bec and Clara in Garfield Vic.

‘Kutie Iggy Pop’ Cuddling with little Ava. Loving our newest family member, such a beautiful boy! Very friendly and affectionate! He has settled in beautifully, roaming around the house now and cuddling up to all of us. Very friendly and very playful. We all adore him he's just gorgeaous. Thanks again for ourpefect kitty. Kerry in Cranbourne who has reserved another kitten Vic.

  'Kutie Mieska' Just chilling on the lounge with Jo's boys in Narara. NSW

  'Kutie Evita' Learning with Suzanne in Newtown Vic.

‘Kutie Harvey’ And this is Harvey, our newest addition, he is 16 nearly 17 weeks old - one of Snoopy’s last sons! Jordy in Montrose who also has an older Kutie cat. Vic.

  'Kutie Ziggy Stardust' Making himself comfortable with his new Dad and  
  in Brighton Q.  

 'Kutie Madonna' is happy with Wendy and her family, down the road from me in Beaconsfield Vic.

‘Kutie Lulu’ has settled in really well. She always wants to be sitting with us whether it be on our lap or under the covers of a night time. Personal space does not exist with her as she has to be as close to us as possible. (We wouldn’t have it any other way)
She absolutely loves her toys especially her brown mouse. She is so sassy and loves to tell us what to do. She loves to lounge in the sun all day long looking out at the birds. We love her so much. Thanks Ros. Ashlea in Launceston Tas.

'Kutie Lucky Louis' Louis is such a confident kitten. Linus – 'Kutie Mochalatte' - has tried everything to intimidate him and be top cat and now seems to have given up and is happy to play tag. They do quite a bit of butt and nose sniffing and Louis is eating all the things Linus refused. Di in Adelaide SA

'Kutie Frankie Cosmos'  After a pretty sad start, she has settled in really well and has started to feel very comfortable in her environment. She was very scared to begin with so I bought her a sheep skin (I thought she might think it was her mother) which she absolutely loved. As she got more comfortable we placed the sheep skin around the house to encourage her to sit in different areas. That worked really well and forced her to get used to the busy home environment. She now runs all over the house and has taken to sleeping in our beds at night. She has a lovely nature and she constantly wants to be around us now. It is amazing what 3 weeks will do!  She is so big now and eats like a horse! She is also very chatty which we love. Alisa in Adelaide SA

'Kutie Olga' 
She has settled in really well! We are both so surprised at just how social and affectionate she is. Evan and Irene in Carnegie Vic.

'Kutie Aoki' found a hiding spot soon after arriving and skedaddles there when he needs some alone time. The kids decided to make it more comfy for him so we need to find a new spot for the DVDs and games.
He is rather clingy and as much as I love him, I didn’t expect to have a meowy baby following me *everywhere* all day, wanting to be picked up and held and petted. Rebekah Ballarat Vic.


  'Kutie Cinnobel' "She is delightful, Ros, I love her to bits". Caroline Wangaratta VIC

  'Kutie Bruno Mars' " My hubby also has severe allergies but has none with our little guy. We love him to bits...in fact hubby is going so well that he had suggested another one! Sunny (Bruno Mars) is doing really well. He is a beautiful friend and companion to all of the family and we have had no problems with my Hubby’s allergies. He is cuddly and smoochy and our little best friend.
We are so much in love with him that we are thinking of another one".
Susan Chelsea VIC.

 'Kutie Roberto Cavalli' Enjoying the warmth of Lauren's legs. "He is 6 months now and full of mischief. He loves to hide forks, hair clips and car keys". Lauren in Bentleigh VIC

'Kutie Georgio Armani' and 'Kutie Versace' They are our life. Jay and Dwone in Tamworth NSW.
'Kutie Satine' - Barbara said, "Ros she is just divine! I have never met a more confident kitten. My Hubby says that, 'You can see her beautiful soul in her eyes.' He is smitten. Satine handled travel and relocation well because you obviously breed from stock with excellent temperaments. That, coupled with the fact that your cats are handled and well socialised allows them to cope with transition much better. There will never be another breed of cat for me and I am delighted to find someone who produces beautiful companion cats with confidence, beauty and that Balinese sense of fun." Newcastle NSW
'Kutie Fernando' "He is REALLY doing well, eats well, full of love, loves snuggles, smooches his face aginst Kyh's for hugs and follows me around all morning while I am getting ready to go to work, meowing loudly and chatting away. He is always at my feet and has amazing snuggles all night under the sheets.
He loves TV and Laptop screens. I love him very much and he fits into our lives perfectly". Kyh and Tui. Williamstown VIC

'Kutie Tapestry' - Loved and taken everywhere in the car with Lotus in Kallista VIC

'Kutie Bodhi' - "Bodhi is such a loving little boy with a mischievous streak at times! But I wouldn't want him any other way. He was eager to learn and now sits on command, comes and heads off to bed when told....most of the time anyway!" With Kylie in Westlakes SA

'Kutie Jersey'  and 'Kutie Angora' - in Selina's Dryer. Molindinar Q

'Kutie Delhi' - Find me in the Christmas Tree. Claire. Kenmore Q

'Kutie Suede' and Friend. Priscilla Rowville VIC

'Kutie Mars Bar'  "The best cat ever." Bianca Frankston VIC
'Kutie Pliny The Elder' - Jennifer said, "Just thought I would give you an update on Leo. He is the BEST! He is so good with the kids too. We have had quite a few people come over that have allergies and no one has had a reaction - it's amazing! He sleeps with the kids at night and he's my right hand man during the day, he never leaves my side like you told me. He is an adored member of the family and we are are so happy we got him. What an amazing breed of cat."  Malvern VIC

'Kutie Chocolate Ripple' -  Dominique said, "Thank you very much for all your help and for our lovely kitten who is already part of the family. He has been using his litter since he arrived. He has  been eating. He has been healthy and playful. We are so happy he is settling down so well. He even slept on our bed last night, although he really enjoys his own bed too." Dominique and Julien. Frankson VIC  
'Kutie Dimity' "Just wanted to update you on our beautiful little girl. She is a treasured member of the family. Such a cuddly girl, always wants to sit on someone's lap at night time. So funny when my family come home and we are sitting together, she jumps up on someone and walks the circle of laps until she finds just the right lap for the night. She loves to sleep snuggled up against our legs at night, (the only cat I have ever allowed to sleep on our bed!!) Stays there all night until, like clockwork, she wakes and walks up over me to sit on my shoulder looking at me, telling me it is time to get up.  She has been such a cute addition to our family and is totally doted on by Peter and my son who says he will get one when he leaves home. Anyway, thanks for such a special girl, we adore her." Peter and Denise
* Also purchased 'Kutie Intertwined' two years later. Launceston TAS

'Kutie Lamington' - Flew all the way to Tyra in USA because Australia and New Zealand are the only countries free of Rabies and therefore no Quarantine. Honolulu Hawaii USA

'Kutie Spicks and Specks' - Playing with her Christmas toy. Michelle East Malvern VIC

'Kutie Picnic' - Lorinda said, "She is fitting in Purrfectly, really great wih the kids. Cam picks her up and carries her everwhere. She jumps into his bed and snuggles with him all night." Lorinda Ballan VIC

'Kutie Carmelo' - Living it up with Joh and her boys in Toorak VIC

 'Kutie Kourtney' - "I just wanted to let you know that it would be impossible to love a pet more.......... She is intelligent, funny, gentle and loving. My extended family will be in touch with you for their very own Balinese later in the year." Pip and twins Astrid and Elke in Vaucluse NSW 

'Kutie Kalypso' Happy with Sarah's family in Clontarf NSW
 'Kutie Kalypso' "We are totally in love with our Kutie Kalypso - She is the friendliest most affectionate cat which is saying something as I have already had Siamese and Bengal Cats. She loves to play with her toys and brings them over to be thrown for her (hair ties and scrunched up paper being the favourites). She spends most of her time in the same room as the kids and likes to be picked up and carried around by all of us. She goes so floppy and happy and purrs like crazy when she is picked up. When my children go to bed at 8.30pm she trots off with them and snuggles up close (sometimes under the duvet lying on her back as if the bed is really hers!) and she seems to be careful to rotate between the 2 girls who love her to sleep with them but not my son (who doesn’t like anyone else in his bed). My husband and son are both allergic to cats and have had no problems with her at all which has been such a relief. I really can’t recommend Ros and her gorgeous cats highly enough." Sarah Clontarf NSW

'Kutie Eskimo Pie' - ​Cuddling with Odessa after one week and he was very shy. " Best cat ever". Mt Waverley VIC
'Kutie Rama' and 'Kutie Ramina' - Chocolate Point brother and sister. "We are so glad to have these lovely kittens, they rush around the house and then sleep for hours." Liz and Kerry. Glen Waverley VIC.

 'Kutie Kaizer' - Blue Tabby Point Male who bosses Catherine's Papillons in Perth WA..

​ 'Kutie Bijoux' - Chocolate Point Male. Jessica says, "He is the best cat, Ros. He is so affectionate and just loves to be with you and it was exactly what I wanted." Seaford VIC.

 'Kutie Georgie Blue' - Being read to and cuddled "Georgie has settled into the family really well and is very much loved, especially by Will! He carries her everywhere! She is full of energy and mischief, but also very cuddly and cries when there is nobody to play with or cuddle. She has been awesome at using her litter tray. We have not had a single accident and she very conveniently uses it at the same times every day! She also did very well at the vet when her stitches were removed and he commented on her beauty and good condition. Thanks again, Ros, for our gorgeous new friend!" Nicola in Geelong VIC.

'Kutie Chocolate Grace' - A cuddly favourite with Leisa and her boys in West Lakes S.A. 

 'Kutie Chocolate Grace' Looks like she is saying 'Help.' Leisa says, "The kids all adore her and she is patient with Liam, who is gentle, but awkward with her. He has only just learnt how to gently pick her up." West Lakes SA

 'Kutie Johnny Cash' - "Is absolutely delightful. He slept in my bed.... and was full of cuddles and purrs. Thank you for providing such a gorgeous companion. Living alone, little Monty has brought a world of joy to my lonely evenings". Fiona in Adelaide.S.A.
  'Kutie Cilla Black' - Tracey says, "She is so inquisitive, has no fear and is like an Eveready bunny....so much energy! Just adorable, and has totally suckered my mean grumpy hubby. He is her slave.... You have bred some beautiful creatures.....The quality of animal plus the care and input you deliver is outstanding."  Hunterview NSW

  'Kutie Shakira' - Kathy says, "She has settled in really well and Samantha loves her." Heidelberg VIC

 'Kutie Toriamos' - "We couldn't have asked for a more delightful sweet natured girl - we adore her and I think she is also quite fond of us too." Says Jacinta in Ringwood VIC
 'Kutie Boy George' - "He's everything you and other reviews had mentioned.
He's the most affectionate, loving, sweet, playful and intelligent cat we have ever come across. He's more human than feline and even has a place at the table to watch us eat dinner. Often he chooses this time to eat his own meal, just so he's not left out. He only has to be told things once or twice before he understands the implications and is always available for a hug, chat or simply to be your shadow.....Thank you for rearing such a gem." Says Jon in St. Kilda VIC

 'Kutie Chocolate Tom' - who is actually a blue tabby point, looking pretty in Hobart TAS
 'Kutie Chocolate Tom' is with Keira while her sister, Talia cuddles 'Kutie Lavender Biscuit' in Hobart TAS
 'Kutie Oscar de la Renta' "It has been wonderful to have dear little Oscar, especially during the recent difficult weeks.He is so precious and such a darling companion.  I couldn't imagine Life without him now. I included a photo of Oscar playing with the monitor while watching 'Cat game video clips' that I found on You Tube.  It's one of his favourite activities, other than racing around the house, crumpling up beds and mats in his wake, chasing one of about 15 small toy mice that are hidden in just about every nook and cranny, leaping all over his cat tree (& the furniture) and diving into his tunnel, chasing toys while I play with him. Whenever I sit he curls up on my knee and beside me at night. I love him to bits." Sandra in Endeavour Hills VIC.


   'Kutie Peppermint'  "A very cheeky cuddly purring ball of furr. The kids are infatuated with her. Chris in Collingwood VIC.
'Kutie Timtam' "Almost a year old and I thought you might like an update on his progress. He is an amazingly loyal and friendly cat. He is loved by all in the neighbourhood and everyone around loves him and let's him into their homes!! He is full of mischief and mayhem which is an endless source of amusement to all of us - I think he has finally decided that running up the drapes is not a good idea!!
All in all an amazing cat thanks to his good breeding and socialisation.
Thanks for an amazing companion." Dianne Ballarat VIC.

​'Kutie Nija' "i Rosalind, who would have guessed that they are best of friends. Nija follows Jazz around and Jazz cleans Nija like it's her baby. So happy. Thank you again. Cheers." Kim in Gowanbrae ​VIC.

'Kutie Allanah Hill' with Alana in Wattle Grove NSW.

  'Kutie Conran' and "Kutie Kishimoto" relaxing in Geralton WA.

 'Kutie Ralph Lauren' "Ralph is going amazing. Best cat ever. He is always found on my shoulder like a parrot. Acts like a human baby sleep in my arms all the time." Snuggled with Madeleine in Melbourne VIC.

 'Kutie Zsa Zsa Gabor' It took a couple of weeks but now she is happily making dough on Violet's blanket in Perth WA. 

'Kutie Sapphire Mist' "Thank you Rosalind for our Saffy. She has settled in well. A lovely addition to our home." Christine Grove TAS. 

 'Kutie Minti'  
"We have had Atlas (aka Minti) for a year. He is an indoor cat, but last week we took him outside for a supervised visit and this happened.
We love him so much Rosalind." Cill in Mildura VIC.

  'Kutie Leon Katbus' "Waiting for his lap to come back and protesting that it is taking too long! He is cheeky, full of mischief but very affectionate and loves a cuddle. He's also a bit fussy with his food, sometimes he likes wet food, sometimes he likes dry food, who knows what he'll feel like at any particular time of day!! " Elaine Coburg VIC.

'Kutie Crunchie' and 'Kutie Flake' "Very naughty. They love each other. So glad I got two of them." Cindy in Rozelle NSW.
'Kutie Snowball' "(Leo) has settled so beautifully into our family. We are all in love with him. Even my husband who “wasn’t a cat person”. From a scaredy cat when he first arrived and hiding to running amok all over the house. 😊 Even making friends with Kermit." Giovanna Cheltenham VIC.


'Kutie Prismo' "In less than a week (Mo) has made his mark. What a beautiful boy. Quite likes the dog, a snuggle a play... and our clothes horse that he used as a gym 😬. Thank you Ros - he's a hoot." Jo in Hampton VIC.

  'Kutie Babychino' "Our sweet Babychino wins hearts wherever she goes! Plays, eats & naps...what a life! What an amazing kitty. Thank you Ros...can’t imagine our family without her.."
"Hi Ros, Hope you and all your gorgeous kitties are great. Is it typical of a Balinese to want cuddles ALL day long? Couldn’t get a cuddlier cat. She’s more like a koala! Meows until you pick her up and give her some love…she’s just the BEST cat ever… thank you! " Alessi and Jess in Gembrook VIC.

  'Kutie Cupcake' Little cupcake wasn't too sure about all the Halloween visitors today but she's settled into our home perfectly. We just love her already! Hazel and Shona in Montmorency VIC.

  'Kutie Jimmy Dean' "...has even won over the dog with his charm. They adore each other. I really don't think the thought that someone or something might not like him even enters his brain. And indeed why would they? So sweet." Jo in Canberra ACT.

  'Kutie Zac Effron' snuggling with his friend 'Willow' the Standard Poodle in Port Arlington VIC.