* In the 1950's and 60's, some Siamese Cat breeders in New York and California, found long haired kittens occasionally appeared in their litters. They were impressed with the temperament and beauty of these kittens and decided to develop this new breed, naming them "Balinese" due to their elegance, daintiness, soft fur, and plumed tail, which reminded them of elegant Balinese dancers. The breed was recognised by 1965.
* After owning many different cats in my life, including Siamese, I purchased a Balinese female kitten, 'Sutek Sno Leopard' in 2001 in Queensland and have been totally sold on this breed ever since.
* I found them to be a softer version of the Siamese from which they derive - quieter, softer to the touch, not as extreme in looks or temperament, although they can be fiesty and have attitude if aroused and they certainly have plenty of personality.
* They are intelligent, affectionate, interesting and people loving, following your every move, sleeping on any warm lap and/or bed if available. They will follow you everywhere to sit on your lap. They can learn tricks especially fetching their toys.
* Easy care as they only have a single, semi long coat which does not shed unduly and demands only minimal brushing, just stroking removes most of the dead fur.
* Hypo Allergenic, so ideal for families with allergies and high on the list of low allergy breeds. Most of my kittens are now being sold to families with allergies. I cannot not guarantee allergy free to all.
* Very attractive and easy on the eye with their striking blue eyes, biscuit coloured body and colour points.
* I have been breeding Balinese cats now since 2002 and have many happy owners of my gorgeous babies, some of whom have purchased more than one kitten. 
* Colours include: Lilac Point, Blue Point, Cinnamon Point, Cream Point, Chocolate Point, Seal Point.
Patterns of Tabby, Torti and Bi Colour in the above colours.
* All my girls and kittens live with me in my home and fight over my lap!
* I am a member of Feline Control Council of Victoria.

.........Rosalind Meadmore...........